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Top 5 tools for social media in 2014

Posted on April, 10 2014 Author Nathan Petralia Tags branding, infographics, seo, social media

1. Diversify, the facebook algorithms are changing for the worse lately. A study found that around six percent of your followers sees your posts.


When is it a copy and when not?

Posted on March, 20 2014 Author Nathan Petralia Tags apple, design, innovation, samsung

I was reading an interview on Fast Company with Johny Ive, the “design God” of Apple: Halfway through the interview Ive starts talking about the Samsung Galaxy being a copy of iPhone and


Comparing iOS6 and 7 user interface

Posted on September, 30 2013 Author Nathan Petralia Tags apple, responsive, user interface

Three San-Francisco based designers created a side-by-side comparison of the differences in features between Apple’s old iOS 6 and the brand new iOS 7 which came out a small month ago. You can see the full story on their site, UX Archive which also documents interesting iOS apps’ user flows.


Q: How much does a website cost?

Posted on February, 21 2013 Author Nathan Petralia Tags petralian, pricing, web design

A: The prices depend entirely on what you want. Example 1: I just want a small and simple website and I want it to work. You want a simple website, nothing fancy and doesn’t need a lot of animation or dynamic content. The design is clean and detailed but fairly basic in form. The website has a content management system (WordPress) where you can add and edit your content.


Responsive Web Design

Posted on June, 7 2012 Author Tags design, device, responsive

Why Responsive Web Design? Browsing the internet with a mobile device has increased with 192.5% since 2010. The experience of browsing a website from your comfortable home office compared with browsing on your mobile phone is a whole lot different.


Dive into HTML5

Posted on May, 30 2012 Author Tags html5, w3c, web design

While the web is growing, new technologies arise on the horizon. As a webdesign company, this means you have to keep on learning on a daily base. One of the biggest changes recently, was the introduction of HTML5. What is HTML5 exactly? “HTML5 is a markup language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web” – Wikipedia


Writing is a skill every person should have

Posted on May, 28 2012 Author Nathan Petralia Tags seo, web design, writing

In a previous article on – writing for the web – I wrote on how users scan pages and how you could create appealing web content.This article is about general writing skills… and it can applied to a much more as just writing for the web.


New Petralian website live!

Posted on April, 17 2012 Author Nathan Petralia Tags petralian, web design, wordpress

After an over the top busy last 6 months we still managed to squish in the new design and development of the sparkling new Petralian website… version 7 already! Proudly made with WordPress, html5, css3, love and etc…


New Hansbo website online

Posted on July, 18 2011 Author Nathan Petralia Tags china, drupal, product catalog

Petralian programmed the new website for Hansbo. Hansbo lndustrial Company (Hong kong) ltd is one of the top sanitaryware manufacturers in the Asia. Hansbo specializes in the manufacturing and service of concealed cisterns, water-saving exposed cisterns


New Mcars website online

Posted on July, 1 2011 Author Nathan Petralia Tags belgium, drupal

Petralian programmed the new website for MCARS. MCARS is a car company in Belgium specialized in buying and selling well maintained second hand cars. MCARS operates all around Europe.