Top 5 tools for social media in 2014

Posted on April, 10 2014 Author Nathan Petralia Tags branding, infographics, seo, social media

1. Diversify, the facebook algorithms are changing for the worse lately. A study found that around six percent of your followers sees your posts.


Bad to your customers = bad Google ranking

Posted on December, 2 2010 Author Nathan Petralia Tags google, seo, usa

Google’s blog I often read the official Google blog ( and catch up on the latest Google advancements to find tips and improve the SEO service for Petralian. What I read this morning however was one of the best stories I have read in a long time about how to use (or abuse) social media as to promote your online business.


SEO Basics

Posted on November, 14 2009 Author Nathan Petralia Tags google, petralian, seo

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the technique that improves the amount of traffic your website generates. The more people visit your website (and return on a frequent basis), the more your monthly website traffic volume goes up and the better you rank on Google and other search engines.


Writing for the web

Posted on May, 3 2009 Author Nathan Petralia Tags seo, web design, writing

Users “Scan” Pages Users spend ~ 4.4 seconds for every extra 100 words on a page, knowing this it is obvious that online writing requires a totally different approach as offline writing. A dated article from Jakob Nielsen in 1997 explains that web users in general do not read but scan web pages.