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The state of

Posted on June, 4 2019 Author Nathan Petralia Tags isobar, petralian

Why is it so silent here on, what is going on?


Minimalist design

Posted on February, 27 2017 Author Nathan Petralia Tags branding, graphic design, minimal, packaging

Minimalism design has its fans and critics. Some like the subtle way to hold attention while others think that designers became lazy.


The new Norway passport design

Posted on February, 26 2017 Author Nathan Petralia Tags branding, design, norway, passport

In 2014 the Oslo-based Neue Design Studio has won the bid to redesign the Norwegian passports.


Top 5 tools for social media in 2014

Posted on April, 10 2014 Author Nathan Petralia Tags branding, infographics, seo, social media

1. Diversify, the facebook algorithms are changing for the worse lately. A study found that around six percent of your followers sees your posts.


Niels Dequeker’s video about China

Posted on July, 14 2012 Author Nathan Petralia Tags china, life, petralian

Many people think programmers have a boring life, and sit towards their computer most of their time. At Petralian we sometimes like to enjoy life too. Here is a nice video made by Niels Dequeker, one of our Belgian web developers.


Petralian interviewed at PrettySun Foshan

Posted on July, 13 2012 Author Nathan Petralia Tags china, interview, petralian, prettysun

On June 29, 2012 Petralian visited PrettySun, a manufacturer of POP and POS fixtures that produces to customers like Titleist, Adidas, FJ, The Body Shop and numerous other famous brands. This visit was organized by BenCham PRD, the Benelux Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong province.


New Petralian website live!

Posted on April, 17 2012 Author Nathan Petralia Tags petralian, web design, wordpress

After an over the top busy last 6 months we still managed to squish in the new design and development of the sparkling new Petralian website… version 7 already! Proudly made with WordPress, html5, css3, love and etc…


It has been so silent on…

Posted on November, 11 2011 Author Nathan Petralia Tags news, petralian

Why update the website… When we already have our hands full with existing customers and our secret projects that are under NDA? Last week I received a mail asking whether the company still exists… We are…


The future of internet browsers in China

Posted on April, 5 2011 Author Nathan Petralia Tags browser, china, ie6

Updated browser please! While the entire rest of the world moved on and is using browsers like IE9, Firefox4, Opera 10, Chrome, Safari 5, etc. China still has to camp with pirated Windows XP copies loaded with IE6 engine and a force disabled auto Windows update.


Petralian to buy

Posted on April, 1 2011 Author Nathan Petralia Tags april, china, petralian

After years of domain auctions we finally succeeded in buying!