Graphic Design

The state of

Posted on June, 4 2019 Author Nathan Petralia Tags isobar, petralian

Why is it so silent here on, what is going on?


Minimalist design

Posted on February, 27 2017 Author Nathan Petralia Tags branding, graphic design, minimal, packaging

Minimalism design has its fans and critics. Some like the subtle way to hold attention while others think that designers became lazy.


Comparing iOS6 and 7 user interface

Posted on September, 30 2013 Author Nathan Petralia Tags apple, responsive, user interface

Three San-Francisco based designers created a side-by-side comparison of the differences in features between Apple’s old iOS 6 and the brand new iOS 7 which came out a small month ago. You can see the full story on their site, UX Archive which also documents interesting iOS apps’ user flows.