The state of

Posted on June, 4 2019 Author Nathan Petralia Tags isobar, petralian

Why is it so silent here on, what is going on?


Minimalist design

Posted on February, 27 2017 Author Nathan Petralia Tags branding, graphic design, minimal, packaging

Minimalism design has its fans and critics. Some like the subtle way to hold attention while others think that designers became lazy.


The new Norway passport design

Posted on February, 26 2017 Author Nathan Petralia Tags branding, design, norway, passport

In 2014 the Oslo-based Neue Design Studio has won the bid to redesign the Norwegian passports.


Top 5 tools for social media in 2014

Posted on April, 10 2014 Author Nathan Petralia Tags branding, infographics, seo, social media

1. Diversify, the facebook algorithms are changing for the worse lately. A study found that around six percent of your followers sees your posts.


When is it a copy and when not?

Posted on March, 20 2014 Author Nathan Petralia Tags apple, design, innovation, samsung

I was reading an interview on Fast Company with Johny Ive, the “design God” of Apple: Halfway through the interview Ive starts talking about the Samsung Galaxy being a copy of iPhone and


7-Eleven rebranding

Posted on November, 1 2013 Author Nathan Petralia Tags rebranding, shop design, usa

WD Partners has given the worldwide convenience store chain, 7-Eleven, a brand overhaul.  7-Eleven’s new logo features the “7” of the 7-Eleven logo paired with a lowercase “eleven” in white, on a black background for the store fronts, and on a bright green background on brand identities.


Square wine bottles take up less storage space

Posted on August, 25 2013 Author Nathan Petralia Tags package design

American design company Stranger & Stranger has designed a eco friendly line of square bottles for a California wine company. Called ‘California Square’, these bottles will take up less space the shelves and will allow consumers to save on cardboard boxes, which are used during shipping and storage.