Web Design and Development

Web development definitely became the most easy way of letting the world know you exist, getting noticed however is another thing, and this is where Petralian comes in... From simple sites to sophisticated online applications, Petralian provides you with the best online presence you can wish for. Besides looking awesome, we are a user experience centric company and thus keep your new website functional and user-friendly too!

The Mobile Web Revolution

When considering the creation of your website, please ask yourself following questions.

1. Do I need a mobile website?
In China the smart phone just overtook the PC for internet usage: Endgadget article. This means you are missing a huge (< 50%) new and vastly expanding customer market. So... if the budget allows for it, creating a mobile compatible website (responsive design) is the way to go. Spending on responsive design is far more worth it compared to spending on often useless interactivity.

2. Do I really need Flash?
Flash is beautiful and has a lot of possibilities, however it is no longer a technology that is feasible to use for website development, especially if it needs to run on a mobile phone. Yet many design companies keep pushing Flash it to the unknowing customer for each and any web project because it is expensive.

Petralian does not recommend Flash for the simple reason we like usability. Consider this... Apple iPhone and iPad do not work with flash, Google Android is phasing out usage of flash. A normal PC or Mac still needs a separately installed plug-in to make Flash work. The usage of flash in websites is very debatable but for the added cost in creating Flash based websites, and the dramatic decrease in usability it is just not worth it. Also, Java Script or the new HTML5 standard are far better solutions this day and age. Petralian is able to handle all above mentioned technology, even Flash...

Why should you choose a CMS?

Retaining control over what, when and how something gets published gives you...

  • Flexibility: Instantly adapt your site to changing conditions without delays
  • Freedom: No longer a need for a webmaster
  • Value: Extend your site’s lifespan by years by using a scalable CMS
  • Attractiveness: New content attracts visitors and entices their return
  • Quality control: Creation, editing, approval and publishing is in your own hands
  • Cost savings: No more need for outsourced content production and delivery

The bulk of our websites are coded using WordPress or Drupal CMS, a CMS system which gives your organization the control to easily create, publish and manage your content on the web site without the need of technical knowledge (or Petralian, for that matter).

Why did we choose WordPress? WordPress has a light framework, intuitive interface, amazing CSS customization possibilities and a great community which allows the installation of extra modules which make your site richer in content and much more!

How do we approach Web Design?

  • 1. We create quality web templates with both you and your target audience in mind, ensure your Web project meets your technical requirements, provides sufficient interactive visitor experience and keeps the ability to meet changing market conditions.
  • 2. After you approve the template design, we create web-optimized graphics and reassemble them using HTML, CSS, PHP, Flash and Java Script to name a few. The working model will look as identical as possible to the approved design.
  • 3. We commence website programming and ensure every piece of code is search engine optimized which allows for effective indexing and better search engine ranking. When required we add the extra SEO options like keywords, meta tags and other SEO tricks. We keep your site code logical and clean for future revisions.
  • 4. We review each site under real-world conditions using multiple browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari) locally to ensure that the site is bug-free before going live.

Getting Google (or any other Search Engine) to know you

Besides web design we can provide you with basic and advanced SEO.

With a so many existing websites and new ones coming online every second, it is important your website does not get lost in the search engines. Using the latest SEO techniques we can ensure your site ranks high and stays high. Smart keywords, meta-tags, alt descriptions and good hyperlinks are already half the work done to achieve a high ranking and you would be surprised on how much of a difference this makes.

Basic SEO is included in all our web design and advanced SEO techniques can be added on top of the basic package.

Writing for the web

Writing for the web is not the same as for print. Internet surfers do not read but scan websites until things get interesting. We have experienced English and Chinese web copy writers that know how to translate lots of text into short keynotes suitable for the web. We can provide you with notes, links and hints for better web writing.

You can also read the articles on our blog that explain how to write for the web.

We can also help you translate your web site, besides our own multilingual team we also have some great translation service partners who can provide you with translating your site to access a broader public.

Some Examples

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