Value for branding

Good branding helps your sales and creates a loyalty over time, which returns a trusted brand that easily and consistently draws new customers over competitors that need lower prices and extra marketing gimmicks to gain or retain customers. Besides adding value to your company and customers, good branding helps:

  • Company alignment, direction and focus
  • Defines or redefines your target market
  • Insight over your whole organization

Five steps

These five phases are customized to fit your branding needs, objectives and investment:

  • Exploration: Current company background, brand presence, competitive landscape and market potential
  • Perception: New brand strategy development, mission, goals and values
  • Creation: Namestorm, logo/brand identity creation (or recreation) and creation of corporate styleguide
  • Expression: Visual communication: Offline and online art, signage and interior design specifically aligned to express the integral brand according to corporate styleguide
  • Promotion: Launch of the new brand to the world. Advertising, PR, mail, promotional items to generate awareness

Corporate Identity Guide

Companies that care about representation have their own Corporate Identity Guide which defines the brand’s visual elements in technical detail with samples and instructions for everyday use. The CIG is crucial for everyone who handles your brand and helps you build and maintain your brand integrity.

Our CIG offer includes:

  • Identity: Logic/concept behind the name and/or symbology. The importance of representing your brand properly and consistently
  • Specific corporate elements: Name, logo, symbology
  • Size: Logo sizes for use in print and screen
  • Margins: Appropriate margins around logo which provide scalable clear space
  • Color: Specific color values for various applications: onscreen, Pantone, CMYK printing, grayscale, black and white, reversed versions, etc
  • Typography: Identifies any specific fonts used in the logo. May also recommend font families which complement the brand
  • Avoiding Common Errors: What not to do with the logo
  • Application Guide: A quick reference table for selecting the best file format for a given application. Description of the two main graphic file types: vector and bitmap, and when to use what type.
  • Additional Help and Contact Information: Who to contact for assistance regarding brand usage

Some Examples

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