Creative Problem Solving

We enjoy design and want to share our expertise with you, because you give us the opportunity to do what we enjoy! By listening carefully to our customers and by applying our touch to creative problem solving, we are able to deliver quality results while keeping a solid relation with both our customers and partners!

In fact most of our current customers are either returning customers or come from mouth to mouth advertizing. We have never needed to use any form of paid advertizing to gain customers.

Our Services

  • Graphic and Packaging Design, Branding, Logo, Virtual / Corporate Image, advertizing

From simple logos and name cards to sophisticated brochures, packaging design, marketing gimmicks and advertizing. We design for and help you create an attractive and unique message to your current and potential customers. We translate your ideas and images into good looking design...
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  • Website Development and Online Promotion (SEO)

Making powerful websites that work on all devices (also mobile) using simple design and sophisticated technology. There is an infinite of possibilities to explore! We can help you to choose the right digital solution...
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  • Web applications development

Developing logical advanced systems that can deal with large amounts of data and transactions at the same. Petralian is able to supply you with an innovative and trustworthy software solution for your most complicated business ideas..
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  • iOS & Android Applications and Games development

Building exciting apps to enrich your tablet experience or build fun and innovative games. We are specialists in creating appealing user interfaces combined with application specific iPhone, iPad and Android optimized programming...
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  • Creative Design Projects

If you have any creative projects you would like us to help take care of let us know and we will definitely see how we can be of assistance...