About us

What is Petralian?

Petralian is a branding and design company delivering innovative design and creative solutions to companies or individuals who have a need for quality design finished with care for detail; and who’s success can be improved by investing in below key areas:

  • Branding and CI — Communication and representation
  • Print — Consistency and quality
  • Web Design & SEO — B2C, B2B Websites and lead generation
  • Web Development — Front and back-end development
  • iOS & Android — Attractive apps and games for the mobile

We are a team of passionate designers and web developers who like to deliver clean communication, we employ the latest technologies in the industry to ensure our customers gain the edge in their market.

Why Choose Us?

We act. We keep our minds on clear predefined strategies we set up with our customers. By completing every step of the project we can ensure happiness and success for both our customers and ourselves. We help you create a better bond between you and your target audience with every step we take.

We listen. We require feedback and sign offs at project milestones, enabling clear communication at every stage of the project. You remain in control over the entire project from plan to launch and beyond.

We manage. We do our best to ensure your project stays within defined time and budget from our side, changes require your approval.

We deliver. Our experience, simple project management and quality management enables us to provide you with value for you money.

We care. We hope to stand out with clean and good design, esthetics and typography.

Contact us to see what we can do for you!