7-Eleven rebranding

Posted November, 1 2013
by Nathan Petralia
Tags rebranding, shop design, usa

WD Partners has given the worldwide convenience store chain, 7-Eleven, a brand overhaul.  7-Eleven’s new logo features the “7” of the 7-Eleven logo paired with a lowercase “eleven” in white, on a black background for the store fronts, and on a bright green background on brand identities.


Comparing iOS6 and 7 user interface

Posted September, 30 2013
by Nathan Petralia
Tags apple, responsive, user interface

Three San-Francisco based designers created a side-by-side comparison of the differences in features between Apple’s old iOS 6 and the brand new iOS 7 which came out a small month ago. You can see the full story on their site, UX Archive which also documents interesting iOS apps’ user flows.


Square wine bottles take up less storage space

Posted August, 25 2013
by Nathan Petralia
Tags package design

American design company Stranger & Stranger has designed a eco friendly line of square bottles for a California wine company. Called ‘California Square’, these bottles will take up less space the shelves and will allow consumers to save on cardboard boxes, which are used during shipping and storage.


The importance of your brand name

Posted July, 20 2013
by Nathan Petralia
Tags branding, italy, shop design

Is all about how you read it… I was walking through Milan today looking at several brands shops and noticed the brand Liu.Jo. I spotted this brand before in Florence and Venice and the brand always appears with other popular but affordable brands like Zara, Guess and similar. My first guess was that a Chinese designer came to Italy and created this brand but I proved to be very wrong.


Q: How much does a website cost?

Posted February, 21 2013
by Nathan Petralia
Tags petralian, pricing, web design

A: The prices depend entirely on what you want. Example 1: I just want a small and simple website and I want it to work. You want a simple website, nothing fancy and doesn’t need a lot of animation or dynamic content. The design is clean and detailed but fairly basic in form. The website has a content management system (WordPress) where you can add and edit your content.


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