Niels Dequeker’s video about China

Posted July, 14 2012
by Nathan Petralia
Tags china, life, petralian

Many people think programmers have a boring life, and sit towards their computer most of their time. At Petralian we sometimes like to enjoy life too. Here is a nice video made by Niels Dequeker, one of our Belgian web developers.


Petralian interviewed at PrettySun Foshan

Posted July, 13 2012
by Nathan Petralia
Tags china, interview, petralian, prettysun

On June 29, 2012 Petralian visited PrettySun, a manufacturer of POP and POS fixtures that produces to customers like Titleist, Adidas, FJ, The Body Shop and numerous other famous brands. This visit was organized by BenCham PRD, the Benelux Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong province.


Responsive Web Design

Posted June, 7 2012
Tags design, device, responsive

Why Responsive Web Design? Browsing the internet with a mobile device has increased with 192.5% since 2010. The experience of browsing a website from your comfortable home office compared with browsing on your mobile phone is a whole lot different.



Posted June, 7 2012
Tags e-commerce, prestashop, seo

PrestaShop is Petralian preferred choice of ecommerce system. PrestaShop is free and open source and won the award of best open source in 2011. It currently supports over 275 dynamic features and can easily be extended with tons of free and paid modules.


Dive into HTML5

Posted May, 30 2012
Tags html5, w3c, web design

While the web is growing, new technologies arise on the horizon. As a webdesign company, this means you have to keep on learning on a daily base. One of the biggest changes recently, was the introduction of HTML5. What is HTML5 exactly? “HTML5 is a markup language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web” – Wikipedia


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